Demonstrations Fair

Arrange your own Practical Training!

Practical training during ISC2016 will be organized in an innovative and lively design we call Demonstration Fair.

A number of stands will simultaneously offer you the opportunity of attending short (5-30 minutes) practical sessions carried by specialists periodically at scheduled times.

Participants have the flexibility to choose which sessions they want to attend and in what order they will do it.  So make your own menu and ENJOY!

Case studies in pharmaceutical crystallization processes: Seeding,

Polymorphism &  Solvates

D. Wieckhusen


Heating and cooling experiments: crystallization of natural flavours and aromas from the melt  

From chiral crystals to the absolute configuration of molecules: Is it an easy way?

J. Benet-Buchholz


Controlling crystallization by antisolvent addition  

C. Verdugo Escamilla


Crystallization by temperature gradient techniques 

A. García Caballero


In-situ laser Michelson interferometry and reflected light optical microscopy for studying the fundamentals of crystal growth from solution 

R.I. Ristic


Poly(ethylene)oxide as organogelator for small-molecule crystallization

Silica gels for small molecule crystallization

F. Espinosa


Fast analysis of 2D diffraction patterns of powder and polycrystalline materials using XRD2DSCAN software           

A. Rodríguez-Navarro


Effective Cocrystal Screening and Meaningful Characterization   

N. Rodríguez-Hornedo


Producing single crystals, polymorphs and co-crystals from the melt with thermal methods        

U.J. Griesser


Unconventional methods to obtain crystal chiral purity or high enantiomeric excess from previous racemic systems           

C. Viedma


How to perform a crystallization experiment by vapour diffusion 

J.A. Gavira


The use of agarose gel for the crystallization of inorganic compounds      

J. Morales Sánchez Migallón


Binary and ternary phase diagrams of multi-component systems   

T. Leyssens


Crystallization by the counterdiffusion technique using gels          

L. González


Droplet-based Microfluidics in the framework of crystallization studies   

R. Grossier


The use of the Crystal16™ in the determination of solubility curves of a solid in a variation of solvents           

D. Stam


Crystallisation and Structural studies at the Salt-Cocrystal interface           

C. Frampton


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